Our Story


THOMAS EQUITIES and affiliates

The present Thomas Equities is the result of the logical evolution of John Thomas Company which was founded in 1975 by Mr. Pavone Sr. He created it to manage privately owned properties, pursue new opportunities, and provide third party brokerage, management and consulting.

The inspiration for Mr. Pavone to start John Thomas Company goes back to the early days of his career as a commercial real estate broker at a prominent downtown owner developer, who’s motto was, “The key to Wealth is Real Estate, the Basic Commodity.”  This motivated him to seek out his own real estate investment opportunities.  What started initially as a purchase of a single rental unit on the Upper East side of Manhattan, has grown into today's venture.

Thomas Equities, which Mr. Pavone founded with his son in 2006, represents the next generation of ownership and investing for its partners. By founding Thomas Equities , it provides a continuity, and a fresh point of view to the 1975 vision. While Thomas Equities serves as the public face of the business, Pavfam Investments LLC rounds out the synergy by focusing on alternative investments and passive real estate ventures, and will over time help continue the growth of the family enterprise.